Posted by: EvilNando | July 13, 2008

Hello Game


Ive just completed the basic barebones of the game engine

ok there is no input handling nor map parsing routines but its a start.

Basically the engine manages what I call “GameStates” this is because in an RPG the player could be in many places at one given time, for example:

  • In the game world
  • In a conversation dialog
  • stats menu
  • game options
  • battle

So basically the engine interprets each state as a game of its own (with the ability of calling parent GameStates in case we want to render on top of what we where previosly rendering)

If you are interested in this, I will release an SDK of this game so you can make RPG’s as well without focusing on mundane engine stuff



  1. I am interested in this!

    Please, please, please release this so that retarded people like me can stop banging our heads on keyboards over engine matters! All I want to do is “fill in the blanks” with my art and my story and my stats – does this really make me a monster?! Then why am I being punished like one?!?! Please take the weight of engine stuff off my shoulders… I can’t stand this any more… HELP!!!

  2. Thank you for your kind comments, It will be a long wait time before I can release anything close to an sdk (so little free time) but I will see to it that this project sees the light of the day

    thank you and good luck

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