Posted by: EvilNando | July 16, 2008

Maps are now IN-GAME!!


today I’ve managed to get maps done with the Map Editor to show inside the game engine

Initially Ive had some troubles creating a good XML parser but thanks to them I rewrote the XML parser and now its looking so good that its almost art, really nice work to be honest

to recap:

I have StateManager, InputManager and MapManager in place, now I’ll be developing a camera system so I can translate, rotate and zoom in and out the game world

Some news about the editor:

I’ve just squashed a few minor bugs , nothing serious enough to ensure a minor revision release, in fact the map editor will not be released until the next mayor revision (2.0). Of course if someone need those bugfixes to continue developing a project, message me and I’ll see what can I do.

Good night and see you all at the next milestone!!


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