Posted by: EvilNando | July 17, 2008



release 2 0


Im very exited to announce that version 2.0 is avilable for download!

details of version 2.0:


  • Spell check on the xml exporter
  • Corrected tile size value on exported xml documents
  • Replaced default application icon
  • readme.txt included with the release build
  • scrollbars work again



Texture generator:

texture generator


This feature will take the map’s current tileset and will produce a new tileset that has 1px of separation between tiles, a magenta box will wrap each of the tiles (see other pictures in this blog)

Collision Templates:

collision template2


new features

select tiles inside the tile pallete and press F2 to block or F3 to unblock.

new features2

If you already have your map layed out and you still want to use this feature you can do that by hitting F5, this will flag all the tiles in the current selected layer.

The delete layer option will delete all tile information in the current selected tile, please note that this will not delete any collisions

As with previous versions , dont forget to report any bug to xnafantasy at gmail dot com, or you can post a comment in the blog as well.

Download from the link below

Link removed! – please check the releases page instead


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