Posted by: EvilNando | July 18, 2008

500 by 500 and 10 layers depth SUPPORTED!


Today I’ve been doing some detailed maps for the game, and it is a long process to get GOOD quality maps. I didn’t knew that map making techinques existed, the internet is full of amazing stuff.

I’ve been tweaking the memory usage on the editor , and I can proudly say that now the editor supports maps of 500x500x10 tiles! no slowdowns and no out of memory errors, at least on my main machine, I haven’t tried this on my laptop but should be good as well ( it takes about 1GB of memory if the undo/redo history is at its maximum capacity, so maybe I’ll reduce the stack number to save some memory)

I’ve also corrected a couple of bugs in the editor and I have added the ability to resize the work area as well, now you can decide to view more of the tiles texture or more of the drawing area.

I’ve receive a message by somebody that also is making an RPG game under XNA ( and has suggested me to include a couple of features into the editor. I must admit that he was dead on the things that he pointed out.

Version 3.0 of the editor will include these features and the changes I’ve made today along with the bugfixes as well. Expect a sneak peek of version 3.0 soon

So thats it for today, I’ll continue the work on this huge map



  1. How to show tile?
    Managed DirectX or GDI+?
    500 x 500 x tilewidth x tileheight = ??? MB.

    I’am developing .NET version map editor.
    but, Rendering big size map is difficult.
    I want to know your rendering solution.

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