Posted by: EvilNando | July 19, 2008

Version 2.2 in the works




Here are the bugfixes that have been doing for version 2.2.

I decided to keep working on creating the map I was working on so I may possibly discover new bugs before I make a release.

I just discovered that saved map files are INCOMPATIBLE between mayor revisions. Be careful!

Current bug list:

  • marquee tile brush paints wrong information after a new map operation (fixed)
  • while holding down the left mouse buttons paiting operations could still be performend if the mouse leaves the current visible draw area limits (fixed)
  • system could throw and out of memory because of the undo / redo history (fixed
  • Map files are not compatible between mayor map revisions (pending)
  • resize map did not erase undo / redo history (fixed)

New features:

  • Draw area and tile texture sections are now resizable.
  • Rewrote the entire load map routine, for added efficiency

So thats probably it for version 2.2, Im not sure if I will release it or just wait to version 2.3 , as I said it will all depend if more bugs pop out.


Thats if for now, tonight I will write about the design of the player class, thing that I’ve been thinking about for about 2 weeks now. There you will understand the importance of having a good desing before getting to the code.

Have a nice day! 🙂


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