Posted by: EvilNando | July 23, 2008

Z-Ordering: Part II

Yesterday were no updates whatsoever because I ran into a problem that I couln’t solve until today.

I you have read my previous post you will know that I sorted the rendering of my tiles by the layer number, while this was good It did not solve the “height” problem.

In a 2-dimensional game the sensation of depth comes directly from the Y-value of objects that are drawn into the screen, Therefore we can assume than the lower the Y value an object has the deeper it is on the current scene.

visibility representation

Everything worked fine, because this assumption is correct, what was wrong was my visualization of “objects”.

Until now I considered objects tiles and actors, this was because programatically I was doing so, I was rendering (and I am still) tiles and actors.

Using this concept for organizing the scene led to this problem:

big char err small


I really struggled to figure what was going on, it is funny to see that depending the approach you tackle things they can vary from “possible” to “impossible”.

The problem was me thinking this was “wrong”, because this was just a perfect representation of the sorting code I wrote nothing “wrong” here just the contrary.

The Y value for the ogre is at its feet, so everything that its higher than this Y value should be behind it. to correct this problem I have change the concept of tree, it was no longer viable to see it as a group of “tiles”, it had to be visualized as an “object” of its own so we can position it in relation to its bottom Y value.

The sad thing is that its was only just today after I woke up that I realized this, yesterday was only frustration and waste of time, another lesson that should remind you that give UPMOST importance to your design before going into the implementation.

Here is a crappy quality video (until I learn how to properly encode game footage) showing the depth sorting logic in game




  1. I personally thought you’d stick with the small characters like you have in the past, and apply a different, tilebased movement system, where the characters “stick” to the grid. However, it seems you have implemented the very same system I came up with a month ago. This upsets me – I though you’d take your engine in a different direction than mine, but it seems like you are merely trying to play catch up. While my game is farther ahead than yours, as advice I’d suggest you incorporate new design elements than ones that already exist. Sorry

  2. wow I thought you were a smart guy, but Ive had enough of your bullshit.

    How you came to the conclusion that I was making a game where:

    – the characters will have grid based movement.
    – the size for all characters is the same as the grid size (32x32px)

    I really want to know because as far as I know I have not wrote a damn thing about the gameplay

    Stop thinking that I care about your stupid project or that I try to simply rip your ideas. I only care about my own work and my design whether you like it or not.

    I would like this chance to clarify a few things as well:
    You’re not my rival , as I wrote earlier I don’t give a damn about what you do with your life,but if YOU think of me as one that is entirely a problem of your own, so please stop coming at this blog spreading your discomfort or your personality issues.

    This is the last time I will take some of MY time to talk about this issue, should you continue making comments with this kind of attitude and you will be banned.

    Have a nice day.

    Oh and by the way, if you really think that environmental effects in a 2D rpg is a novelty that you are just creating for the first time in the history of RPG’s you are completely wrong!

    I don’t have in mind many titles at this moment but can give you 3:
    Seiken Densetsu 3
    Baldur’s Gate series
    Icewind Dale series (probably Planescape Torment but I am not sure)

  3. I tried to explain my opinion with as much integrity as I could convey, but your blatant rant is disgusting. Unfortunately you do not have the maturity or integrity yourself to respectfully withhold yourself from blindly ranting.

    Understandably you see me too as an aggressor; the very kind of person you now tell me you’re against. You have become the very person you hate, and I am sorry for you. Since I wrote that post I have changed; I have rethinked my outlook on this project and life. I hoped you too moved on and did the same. However, now that I see you haven’t, I am saddened.

    Since I started this project I had the same determination and drive, that I only care about my own work, about myself, about what I am doing. I saw you as the evil standing in my way. But since that night I’ve realized you are not standing in my way; you have your own path that you too must follow. I respected that, and gave up my old mentality of “always winning.” I do not need to win, only learn and grow – that is the true reality.

  4. A little bit more of reading comprehension would not hurt.

    I never said you were competition, please read again my comment above. You are not my competition in any POSSIBLE way. I dont care of what you do in life please try to understand this.

    Good for you that you decided to “move on”, but please stop thinking that I’m in your same position, I dont need to move anywhere with my life, where are you getting all this stuff ?

    before writing again please remember a couple of things:

    – you don’t know jack shit about me , my life and of course my game design plans.

    – I don’t give a damn about your life and what you do with it

    – Just because u “did” something with your computer does not give you rights of any sort to tell people what or what not they should be doing

    and please stop thinking that I see you as a source of ideas for my projects

    Dont waste more of your time

  5. I only wish you take your editor in a different direction. If we continue this way, we are destined to hate each other forever. Sorry I have wasted your time,


  6. Why you keep assuming things about me? I dont hate you , never will.

    Look the direction I’m taking in this game is entirely my own , whether you like it or not I will finish it.

    There are many people making RPG’s in XNA why not bother them instead ?

    Heck, I even have the address of somebody
    who has an editor which supports autotiles, he’s cleary ripping you off, dont allow it! 🙂

  7. Quite arrogant of you fatso784 to think that an independent XNA developer would want to rip off your game. And taking standards that already exist and applying them to your own game does not make them original designs of yours.

  8. Someone rips off my ideas? I’ll shoot him an email and ask how can I help implement them into his game. Independent dev’s need to stick together, not drive eachother apart.

    This sounds like “Unreal Engine Tech” vs “IDTECH” all over again 😦

  9. Wow that fatso guy sure is a douche.

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