Posted by: EvilNando | November 2, 2008

More AnimEditor news

This week Ive been working hard so I get this application released as soon as possible.

AnimEditor prev01

Sadly this editor has a few issues that I did not expect.

While the editor works and does what I intended, the implementations inaproppiate.

The source of my problems is in this 3rd party grid control that I found over the internet. (SourceGrid @

This custom grid works wonderfully, specially if you have to deal with just data (without any pictures). It is fast and gives the programmer a lot of freedom for doing any type of presentation.

The only big problem is that the grid needs an Image for each cell where you want to display one, it is not possible re-use a single texture and just assign sections from it.

If I just stick doing animations that fit my current requirements this is not a problem , because these animations are small and the texture images are small as well.

But in my torture tests (using extreme large textures and animations)  Ive found that I can raise the application memory usage over 1GB! , this is just pure waste of memory and Im really not liking this behavior.

Now. there are two paths to follow from here:

  1. Brute Force: I have a machine with 8gb of ram, which I think should be enough to handle any type of animation. With this in mind there would be no need for a rewrite so I’ll just continue and finish the editor according to design plans
  2. A Complete Rewrite: GDI plain sucks for anything more complicated than just displaying a single image on screen. This only option left is ditching GDI and write a new control from scratch using hardware acceleration (XNA) for the rendering portion. That means I would have to write from scratch all of the functionality that winforms gives you for free, ie: IO, events , resize events, data management and a big etc.

Writing this has made me think seriously about this issue and now it is clear to me that I MUST go with option #2.

So there is a lot of work waiting for me.

Next update will be when I finish integrating an XNA control inside the application

Thanks for reading!


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