Posted by: EvilNando | November 18, 2008

AnimEditor status update

Hi all, I’m still working hard on the animation editor.

Here is a screenshot showing what I have accomplished so far.


I just had to implement a second Xna Renderer for displaying the current frame preview, GDI was not cutting it as usual because I needed real time feedback on how the frame parameters were changing the current animation frame.

At first I decided to have an infinite loop dedicated to rendering this control, but since I have one already in place (in the animation grid) it caused (minor) slowdowns because everything was running on a single thread.

A quick fix was to delete that second rendering loop and launch the render update() via events caused by modifiying the current frame parameters. I was thinking of implementing a second thread and run the loop there , maybe that will avoid those performance issues I had earlier but since this is working just fine I might as well leave it there.

All that there is left to do is to modify my rendering code (both for the grid and the preview zone) so that it reflects all of the frame’s parameters (like flip , scale and brightness )

Once this is done I’ll be implementing Undo/Redo history and Cut & Paste for frame parameters.

I’ll be posting another development update once I get there.

Thanks for reading!


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