Posted by: EvilNando | November 22, 2008


release 3 0

Hello guys Ive worked hard this morning to bring you a new version of the editor.

I’ve implemented a feature that was requested by a lot of people: Variable Tile Size

Nothing much has been changed except for a new feature in the menu:

resize feature

In the Edit menu now there is a Edit Tile Size entry, this will send you to the Resize Tile Dialog:

resize dialog

Here you can change the tile size to your heart desire, it wont break your map layout so its safe to toy with this value, here is an example of what I did with a map I worked with a few months ago:


normal tile size


resized tile size

Hope you like this new feature.

Here is the Changelog for the current version:

version: 3.0.0

– Fixed a critical bug when using tile textures that were not divisible by the current tile size (32px for ver 2.4.2)


– VARIABLE TILE SIZE: Added into the Edit menu there is a new option called “Change Tile Size”, this will launch a form
where it is now possible to enter a custom tile size

version: 2.4.2

– Editor will now ask the user confirmation before closing the application.

One bad news:

I will not be able to move this project to the new XNA 3.0 references. If I do this will break compatibility with previously made maps somehow the compiler cant cast XNA.Framework.Point (2.0) to XNA.Framework.Point (3.0)

Eventually when I no longer need the maps I have made until now I will jump the editor to the 3.0 references but right now this will have to cut it. ( you can always start an editor of your own )

Download links are on the Releases page as usual.

Enjoy the weekend!



  1. Hi Nando! Thanks for including a variable tile size option! I’ll check out the new editor as soon as I have time and hopefully get back to working on my own project as a result. 😉

    Good luck with your work and thanks for responding to our requests! BTW, I really don’t think you’re that evil. 😉

  2. Hi, this looks awesome, im also looking for a 3D map editor for xna 3.0, anyone =(?

  3. Olá nando,
    É possível exportar a imagem construída para um png?

    Hi nando,
    Is possible export an image generated to an image file?

  4. Not yet, the functionality is there but I have yet to expose it to the menu system

  5. Ok, thanks 🙂
    By the way, your tool is fantastic 🙂

    I thought that you are brazilian like me, aren’t you?

  6. Hi Nando, it’s me again..
    it’s complicated to build a release with this feature? export an image generated by tiles? if you can do this.. or send me an email with it attached..

    thanks anyway,

  7. Great work, I love this map editor, and the ability to have a variable tilesize is a BIG WIN!

    You should release the source to this. 🙂

  8. @Rodrigo:
    No it is not complicated to do but you will have to wait as right now all my time is devoted to the making of the AnimEditor

  9. This is incredibly helpful to me, you saved me a ton of time and it has plenty of the features I need 🙂

    I have a suggestion: a “random” paint brush that randomly picks from the tiles you have selected on the tileset (i.e. for a large grass area). Just throwing the idea out there for you to log away; I know you have other projects to devote your time to 🙂

  10. Glad you find this useful, thanks!

  11. How to solved out zoom out (e.g 500 x 500). I am making map editor by xna, I have some problems that too slow rendering tiles when zoom out (10% scale)

    Your map editor is very fast.
    I want to know redering solution when zoom out.

  12. Make sure you render all your tiles in a single batch

  13. hey thanks for that gr8t stuff – but i have a question.

    im using a modified rpg starter kit. i used the tile map editor and created a map with it. i’ve imported the code and fit it to the starter kit.

    when i enter the map, the graphics are still at the wrong place – u know how to fix that?

  14. Hey, your editor looks great, and im trying to make something simmulair to this, but i have a problem, i have 2 XNA displays in my form, 1 for the map, and 1 for the tileset, but i need my mouse at both of them and it only seems to work correctly on the map, its almost impossible to select a tile from the tileset, how did you handle the mouse? or should i try to put them both in one display? the drawing is working correctly though, but i still want to make a selection rectangle like you have to select multiple tiles to draw a tree in once, instead of moving the cursor left and right for each single tile. could you send me an email please if you know how to solve my problem?
    im sorry for this questions, but im 14 and my experience with XNA isnt that great.

    Thanks, Martijn

  15. how are you pooling mouse coordinates for each situation?

    my guess is that you are using a single update() loop where you try to do this

    you should use multiple events one for each control where you want to know where the mouse is in relation to its own area

    If you dont know what Im talking about, stop doing XNA and headback a little and read a little about winforms and event based programming

  16. i used a seperate update method for both of the area’s. this is how i get the coordinates:

    Mouse.WindowHandle = tileDisplay2.Handle;
    mx = Mouse.GetState().X;
    my = Mouse.GetState().Y;

    and i switch it to the other window in the other update method, and then i checked to see if the mouse is pointing within the area.

    but i’ve got it working now, i’ve put both the update methods together and added some if statements, and its all working correctly. i dont think i have the best way to do so, but it works fine to me :). i still have some bugs to solve, but ill manage that i think. and then the next challenge, a selection rectanlge/box to select multiple tiles from the tileset.
    Thank you for the help.

  17. It looks great!!! But i does not work for me >.<, it’s because i’m using Vista x64??

  18. This map editor looks great, and the comments are positive, but I can’t even get it to start. I am using Windows XP with the latest updates, I have the XNA redistributable installed, I have DirectX 9.0c installed, I have the .Net framework installed, but when I fire up the map editor, I instantly get a “send error report” crash box.

    Any ideas?

  19. download and install this , then run the editor again

  20. I had the have the same issue as ßeta and tried your solution, and still no luck. I’m running Vista64, and have tried running the program in various compatibility modes.


  21. Nice work – going to use this for my next project. Couple of questions. 1. When I select a tile size of 16×16 then clicking on tile set grid items throws an ‘array out of bounds’ exception and I can’t multi-select those items – seems like you have made an assumption about the width of the tileset. 2. I want to add objects (portals, chests, monsters, etc) – is there a way to add custom objects to the map?

  22. BTW, regarding your problem converting to XNA 3.0, you may just need to update your project references to use the 3.0 assemblies. Let me know if you need any help.

  23. Thanks for reporting the bug, I will check it out as soon as possible.

    There is no option for placing entities inside the map .. yet

  24. porting the program to the new assemblies is not the problem, the problem is that the editor loses backward compatibility with maps made in earlier versions due to the way it serializes its data

  25. Perseus thank you so much for posting that bug

    here is a quick patch Ive just made, it should work now but Im not sure about the collision templates probably you should first resize the tile size then start laying out the collisions just to be safe.

    But if you have some time can you test this further?

    here is the link to the patch , I plan to release a new version of the editor soon but if you need to get your work done you can use this:

  26. Awesome – that fix works great! Another feature I would suggest is to be able to load a tileset graphic that has borders around each tile. I’ve seen quite a few that have a 1 pixel border that needs to be accounted for. Thanks again!

  27. Wonderful ! Btw, the possibility to copy / paste areas of map would be much appreciated.

  28. Um none of the links work

  29. hi the link was broken can you re-upload?

  30. The links don’t work because he has moved to a new site. Go here for the downloads:

  31. thx 4 tha link sert.i created my map but how i integrate it with xna?

  32. Dude seriously, you are using the textures and tilemaps from RPGMaker, did you get permission to use it in your editor?

    • Im not releasing anything copyrighted wanna complain because im using random assets for personal work? go fuck off

  33. The download link for your editor isn’t working. Nice job on it btw.

  34. Hi, my name is Linda and I am going to start working on an level editor in C#/winforms. I looked at your editor and i think it looks great. I would like to ask what funktionalities are important for an editor, and could I please download it, the link did not work. The animation editor looks good too.

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