Posted by: EvilNando | November 25, 2008

AnimEditor update

Just a quick update on the AnimEditor status.

Clipboard functionality (Cut, Copy & Paste) is done and it even works between different instances of the application, soon Ill be making a video showing why this is so important when making animations.

Also the Undo/Redo stacks are in place and they are way more elegant that the stacks I’ve implemented in the MapEditor, they are so efficient that I probably will be going back to the MapEditor and replicate this changes there. Doing this will probably make the application run even faster when dealing with large maps.

Talking about the MapEditor, I’ve noticed a small bug in the XML export routine which should be addressed by the weekend. I’ve also learned a new rendering technique which should make the paint functions WAY lot more faster than they currently are.

The AnimEditor is almost ready to launch there are a couple of features that need to be placed: The Preview Window and the XML file / save.

ETA for AnimEditor v1.0 release: 2 weeks

cya soon


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