Posted by: EvilNando | January 4, 2009

Xna AnimEditor v1.0 RELEASED!

anim editor release 1 0

I’ve just finished the XNA Animeditor

Before going into the details I just wanted to share some interesting numbers:

Creation Date: 10/11/2008 (something like 3 months of development)

  • Maintainability Index: 74 (green)
  • Cyclomatic Complexity: 1295
  • Depth of Inheritance: 7
  • Class Coupling: 230
  • Lines of Code: 4879 (main .exe) + 320 (helper dll)

I’m too tired right now to post the user manual as Ive intended

Ill just mention some hidden things that will be useful to know:

  • Copy Cut and Paste operations work within different instances of the editor
  • F4 in the main screen shows the load image bank dialog
  • F3 launches the preview window
  • In the preview window the Numpad Arrows move the selected objects one pixel (or 1 grid unit if the grid is enabled) into the selected direction
  • In the preview window Numpad7 and Numpad9 rotate the selected objects to the left and to the right respectively
  • In the preview window the + and – keys scale the selected objects uniformely (the same value in both scale axis)
  • By selecting an object in the object list (in the preview window) you are locking the edition for only that particular object.

During this weekend Ill be making the manual , hope you find some use to this editor and dont forget to report any bugs.


  • Xna framework 3.0
  • .Net framework 3.5
  • DirectX 9.0c

Download link is in the releases page!



  1. Hi there..

    I downloaded it and it keep crashing.. whereas ur Level editor works fine.. any pointers..

  2. Hi, very I can download a version of your AnimEditor? Links from Releases page don’t work :/


  3. s/very/where/

  4. hi,
    thank you first, the editor look amazing
    but unfortunately the page for downloading
    is not working,I hope you can fix it
    thank you..:)

  5. Please Can you fix the download link for the animeditor

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