Posted by: EvilNando | January 6, 2009

Custom pipeline support for .xanm files

cutsom pipeline


Finally after spending a whole day, I’ve managed to integrate XANM files (the ones generated with the AnimEditor) into the XNA Content Pipeline

I have to admit that this was one of the most hardcore things I’ve done with XNA so far…

Here are the steps you need to take for integrating .xanm files into your project:

1. Create a valid xanm file with the AnimEditor and save it somewhere on your hard drive.

AnimEditor save cmd

2. Go to your XNA project and include the AnimEditor libraries

you have to include the reference to both the project AND the content manager

add reference

dll dialog

Make sure you have the references added correctly

references chk

3. Add the xnam file that you want to the content manager:

Notice in the picture above the file named “test.xanm”

To verify that the dll is doing its work, select the xanm and check the properties window:

xanm props

3. Create an AnimData class and use the Content Manager to load the info into that class:

anim load code

4. Build and run ! 🙂

Just to prove that we got the AnimData working I’ve set a breakpoint:

watch data

This is is for the AnimEditor, the helper libraries still need a little bit of work but once I finish that I will be returning to the map editor and start working on animated tiles.

Thanks for reading!



  1. Yes, Animated Tiles are very cool! I use your Editors for my game, and they are very good!

    But at this moment, I Import Your Maps with XML Parsing, but a Content Importer for the xmap Files would be very cool! I think you have only to get the Code from the Editor, or?


    Sorry for my bad English, but I´m German…

  2. well at this point in time making a custom importer for tilemaps would be trivial.

    Sadly I currently dont have the time to do so

  3. OK, when I find some time I will make a Importer

    (You should use a obfuscater, because I can disassemble your source code)!


  4. have fun with the dissasembly!

  5. Amazing work on these tools. I’ve been wanting to use this, however I cannot find the AnimEditorExtension.dll – it doesn’t seem to be included with the editor on the releases page..?

  6. Yeah I know , I have not included the dll because it is not complete yet

    currently I have the basic methods exposed and I would like to make it a little bit more complete

    by the end of this month I will be able to release the whole package


  7. pleaseeee release, if this is the only way to use the animations in xna than i cant wait till this comes out.

  8. any chance of the helper dll getting released soon? along with the source to the map editor?

  9. Yes I have plans for releasing a beta version as soon as I get some free time

  10. being that it’s over 2 years later, is the .dll file available now?

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