Posted by: EvilNando | January 13, 2009

Game Development 101


From now on I will start documenting the creation process for my game; I will show you everything of what I will be doing.

Since first things come first I’ve learned that for pulling off a project of this magnitude (successfully) following an engineering process is the only way.

So before going into details about design documents and the like a basic idea of the game is needed, a very simple idea.

A good approach would be to try to describe your game in 2 or 3 sentences, why you ask?

Consider this picture:


If I were to ask to someone which is the most direct route to the exit I would get something like this in response:


But what happens if I were to as the same question to a young child:


Given the context the child’s answer is not only correct (and brilliantly thought) but is as simple as it can get , and this is what we want as a start our game design:
To get the most direct and clear idea of what our game is!
Doing this will give us the location we want to reach, but to find which is the path to take that is the purpose of the design document!

This will be the subject of my next post.

So as an example let’s talk about where I want to go, so here is what I know so far:
The game I want to make is an RPG with turn based combat and multiple party members

Until next one 🙂



  1. That last picture just made me laugh out loud. Seriously.. 😀

  2. That’s a so good explanation that a young child would understand, you’re getting seriously to your goal, friend!
    By the way, i too am trying some rpg stuff, i’m using rpg maker, it’s really the right start, thanks for the intelligent tip.

  3. gelesen

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