Posted by: EvilNando | January 18, 2009

RPG Design: Combat I

concept copy

This busy week has been busy and I’ve only managed to get the initial draft of the combat system for the RPG game.

Here is the initial draft of the current combat system, critics are more than welcome.

DISCLAIMER: Art assets are just placeholders and will not be present in the final version of the game.

EDIT: Link has been fixed, sorry 🙂
Combat Design Document



  1. Looks pretty awesome. Do you not have the final art done, or are you using substitutes so no one uses your ideas?

  2. Ive already found an artist to do the required art, but Im still raising the money so I be able to pay him

  3. Gotcha. Where did you get these placeholders?

    I like how every aspect that you reveal has an official feel and structure. Did you get this structure from previous programming experience, or is there a set list of definitions that we should be drawing from?

  4. 1. for the assets you can use the rpg makers RTP (run time package) use google.

    2. the look and feel that you mention is just the conventions I took from my job, they tend to be very strict when presenting code or documents, I kinda of get used to it .

  5. I think your TileEngine is amazing, I did Nick G’s tile engine tutorials, if there was a tutorial to update the Tile and Collision Layer Readers to make your editor compatible that would be awesome.

    My own personal project was getting a parallax background and foreground scrolling implemented into the Editor/Engine, but I am still learning the xna code.

    I am using the background.cs from this example here

    It could be interesting for you to have scrolling clouds, or scrolling water by using the parallax effect

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