Posted by: EvilNando | January 31, 2009

Xna Map Editor V3.1 RELEASED

release 3 1

A new version of the map editor has been released

from the readme txt:

version: 3.1.0

– Fixed a critical bug in the tile selection while using non-standard tile sizes.




  1. Hi EvilNando,

    Really enjoyed reading the articles you are posting and very much intrigued with what you are doing. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I had a quick question regarding your map editor; is this compatible with the XNA RPG Starter Kit? As in, is it able to make files compatible with this or?

    I apologise if this is a stupid question – I am unfortunately unable to look for myself at the present and am incredibly interested in this tool!

  2. No I dont think this will work with the RPG kit

  3. Cool, that your Editor use XNA 3.0 Now! Have you solved your Problems with casting between XNA 2.0 Point an XNA 3.0 Point?

  4. Nope I did not fix that, I just upgraded to the 3.0 framework due to popular demand

  5. Hey I’m using Vista x64 Home Premium…you software doesn’t even load…pity i would have liked to use it.

  6. Whatยดs about a Kombabililty Mode for x86?

  7. Compatibily mode does change it…I get a message stating that XNA Map Editor has stopped working and then tries to go off and solve the problem

    If there is source code I’ll try and debug the problem on my machine

  8. Do you document the exported XML file structure? I figured I would write a content pipeline for the exported files, but am not sure about some of the values, such as terrain. Also, I have a couple of feature requests – to support borders/padding in tilesets (often each tile has a border around it that should be ignored by the editor) and also to place the ‘change tile size’ function on the tile panel, like in your animation editor so we can see the immediate effect of changing the tile size. Thanks!

  9. Would you like to have the source code so you can make those changes yourself?

    Im reeeeaaally busy (im doing 2 jobs) right now so chances to continue development on the tools are slim

  10. I’d like the source code I’ll even sign an nda if you want. ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. Ill try to get the source online , but dunno when as Im really busy nowadays

  12. I’d be happy to contribute. is pretty easy to set up a project if you want to open source it, otherwise feel free to contact me via my email to figure out a direct way to make the changes.

  13. As I said in any other Comment befor, you can use a Dissasembler to get the Source code! A Content Importer would great, Iยดve have tryed it myself but it does nit work…

  14. PLEASE release the source code for this… I’m sure that SOMEBODY could get it to run on x64…

    I’m working on a “toolkit” of sorts for the XNA RPG Starter kit, and your editor would be a very nice addition, if I could make the necessary modifications. I’ve already got another working editor, but yours is more full-featured and stable. Open-sourcing this project would be a wonderful contribution to the RPG development community.

    • if u have a map editor that i can use to make maps for a xna that would b so cool please respond to me on yahoo vb.venom is my screen name

  15. Just passing by.Btw, you website have great content!


  16. Nando, are you still going to be releasing the source for this?

  17. Yes! that is my intention but I would like to do some house cleaning on the solution before any release.

    Im sorry that I have not found the time to do so yet

  18. I understand how busy you are and can wait till the solution is cleaned up.

  19. hi, will it be possible in a later edition to handle teleport events ? or is there another easy way to implement this to my engine without setting the coordinates manuel for each map ? you really did a great job with the editor and i really would like to use it for my “little” project but i just can’t think for a solution to handle the teleports ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  20. You just wait and see ๐Ÿ˜‰

  21. I’m glad to hear that you’re still releasing the source. The combat mechanics post had me worried that you had forgotten.

    Since I’m starting to work on the maps for my game, I’d like to have an idea of when I can expect to see a source release. Are we talking about days or weeks? I don’t mean to hurry you, I’m just wondering so I can better use my time to work on other content.

  22. alright..thats awesome ! ๐Ÿ˜€
    and i’m really looking forward to your project as well ..hell i love rpg’s ๐Ÿ™‚

  23. Hey Nando,

    I was just messing around with the editor and a tile set I found with a resolution of 256X16704 and the editor doesn’t seem to handle this correctly.

    Is there a specific resolution that the editor looks for or does it just cut the image into 32×32 tiles when i try to use a tile from this image it doesn’t display it properly in the map view. but the tile view seems to display it correctly.

  24. come again?

    are you using a TEXTURE that it is 256×16704?

    if this is the case then the problem is that you dont have enough video ram to hold that texture (remember that textures get loaded as a power of 2 textures)

    try using more reasonable texture sizes

  25. Its a png file with that resolution.

    and as i said the tile view displays it without problems. but when i try to put a tile into the map view it displays incorrectly.

  26. Then the problem is in your side.

    Try using lower resolution textures

  27. Hello I want to try this editor but it is not working under Vista 64 Can you please recompile it or something? I really want to try this.
    My mail is bahamut.alex at gmail dot com

  28. BTW are you spanish?

  29. Maybe can i get the source to recompile it myself? It happens to me with old XNA games that are not working under windows vista.

  30. He said that he’s going to release the source once he gets the time to clean it up. I’m just as eager to get it as anybody, for the same reason.

  31. Hey Nando, I hate to be a bother, but it’s been over a month since you mentioned getting the source online. I know you wanted to clean it up, but some of us are really hurting for 64-bit compatibility. Any chance that you could post it as-is for a while, so that we can get a temporary solution while you continue to clean it up?

  32. Sorry guys I am extremely busy at the moment to be able to focus on this project.

    I dont think I will be able to release any source code for the time being as I’ve found people that are willing to buy it for their own purposes.

    Development on the RPG game (as well as blog updates will start in about 3 to 4 months , if everything goes to plan)

    Thanks for understanding

  33. I understand. I personally would much rather have seen this as a contribution to the game development community, but it’s your call.

    In the meantime, I’ll still be heading up the XNA RPG Toolkit, if you’re interested in contributing to a more community-focused development suite.

  34. Glad to hear that you are getting some money for your hard-earned efforts! Looking forward to hearing how you get on with the RPG development!

  35. Hey Nando,
    Heres a quick fix for the 64-bit users that want to use your map editor (no code changes needed)

    goto Project–>Properties->Build and set the platform target to x86 build & rezip and it should now work on all 32 & 64 bit machines. (minus some 64bit performance but at least it will work)

  36. Sorry for posting about this so much.
    But I wrote a loader that should allow the application to run on 64-bit systems. (so far i haven’t noticed any stability issues or problems)
    get the source at

  37. Wow that is soo cool, thank you so much for your work, I’m sure those vista64 guys out there will appreciate it

  38. Yeah, now I can run it. However, I’ve since switched over to Tile Studio for its tileset management and import/export versatility. I still like your editor more for editing individual layers.

  39. nando, can you contact me through e-mail i have a couple questions i would like to ask you and didn’t really want to post them to the comments.

  40. I’m curious, what are you using for selecting the tiles on the right? Is that some sort of user control using GDI+ or what?

    • yes it uses GDI+

      • Yeah I really like the control and I’ve made a few changes to it to make it a little more re-usable and allow multiple instances of it.

  41. Iยดve found a bug in the Source:

    in LoadMap_click Method is:
    if ((GLB_Data.TextureFileName == null) || (GLB_Data.TextureFileName == “”))
    MessageBox.Show(“TileMap loaded successfully!”, “Save Map”, MessageBoxButtons.OK, MessageBoxIcon.Asterisk);

    There must be an Error Message, or..?

    • I dont see any error there , it works as intended

      • But why a if when its the same output?
        “Tilemap loaded successfully” is shown even if a TileMap is file is loaded or not!

  42. A other REAL bug:

    The Size of the Texture in the XML File is wrong(not by small Textures). The ID of the Tile is calced with this wrong Value! So all ID are wrong!

    • Yeah, it seems the first row of ID’s is correct, but is miscalculates the total elements in the row. For example, the test tile sheet I’m using is 12×10. The first row starts at element ID 1 and ends at element ID 12, but the second row starts at element ID 19, the third at element ID 37, so on and so forth.

      • Ok. Specifically the bug is that when you make a new map, if you load a tileset before setting the tile size, the ID’s are calculated by dividing the width/height of your tileset by the default value if 32. The problem is, if you change that value to match your tileset, it doesn’t fix the ID’s. Furthermore, if you save your map and reload it, you get some funky array issues, which make sense seeing as how the bounds are probably all out of whack.

        The work around seems to be simple enough. *BEFORE* loading a tileset, set the size of the tiles. *THEN* load the tileset. It seems to do the math in the correct order this way, and will generate the correct ID’s.

      • Yeah I just found that bug…

        Ill try to get a new version by monday.

        Thanks a lot to all of you for your input

      • If you are making an update to this editor, I will love your forever if you make multiple collision ID’s. Instead of just 1 and 0, make it selectable. I decided to use your editor for a 2D sidescroller I’m working on, and manually editing the collision layer is pretty intense =)

        Great editor btw.

  43. Thanks for posting bugs, I’ll be checking them during the week and if you guys are right I’ll release a quick revision.


  44. Another Workarround is using the Size thats in the XML File for calcing the Texture Coordinates.

    • looks like the bug is here to stay. I’ve decided to make a brand new map editor

      news coming soon on the blog.

      stay tuned…

  45. Hey now, why was my comment anonymous that time haha.

  46. And think about an Event Layer! That would also great!

  47. Here are some things i would love to see

    I would love to be able to use more layers ( 16 )

    The map size limit of 200 tiles in both directions is too limited for my application ( 1024 – 4096 ) in the largest layer ( layers are different dimensions because they scroll at different speeds ( parallax ) )

    At the least i would like it to be 512 tiles in both directions and the ability to load surrounding tile maps so you can see N tiles on each edge from another tile map allowing easier editing of large contiguous maps.

    Being able to set custom editable user properties on each layer and provide different scrolling speeds for a layer would be nice.

    for instance i have a central layer that scrolls at 1.0 speed the layer below it scrolls at 0.8 speed the foreground layer above it scrolls at 1.2 speed
    because they are different speeds they are actually a different number of tiles also the faster the layer the more tiles versus the slower layer

  48. is there a tutorial anywhere on how to use this alongside visual studio/xna?

    • You can parse the output xml file by your own, or try to make a content importer for the xmap files!

      In my Game I parse the xml files…

      • Yeah, and in mine I modify the XML a bit by hand a use a custom importer. Though now I’m writing my own editor anyway.

      • I wouldnt recommend making an importer for the xmap extension because (as far as I can remember) the xmap file contains many data fields that are only relevant to the map editor.
        My recommendation would be to create the importer but for the generated xml files, or even create a custom editor that suits better your needs.

  49. where i download this tools .,,,, .. ?


  50. The download links are broken please fix.

  51. Dude, both links are broken… Need those for thesis.. Thanks!

  52. Is there a new link for Xna Map Editor V3.1 that I can have, I would really like to have a copy of this, Please ๐Ÿ™‚

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