Posted by: EvilNando | March 2, 2009

Combat Mechanics Extended


Hi all, sorry for the lack of recent updates in here but I’ve been BUSY working in 2 jobs at the same time (they where 3 jobs in one occasion) and also playing game (DOTA and SF4 basically).

Now that things have settled down a little I have planned to continue working on the RPG game.

Here is the revised RPG mechanics document. I think this will be pretty much final until I can do some combat playtesting inside the game.

The only document left is the bestiary but for testing purposes I will just create a sample monster and tests the battle system with that.

Here is the document, enjoy:  DOWNLOAD



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  2. You are amazing! I followed Nick G’s tuts on the TileEngine/Editor I am super stoked on the Animation Editor – but I don’t know how to use it 😛

  3. Well thank you.

    Right now Im elaborating a detailed guide for using the animeditor within your game.

    I think I’ll have it ready in about a couple of days.

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