Posted by: EvilNando | May 20, 2009

Back to Work


Hi all , I’m just writing this to let you all know that Im back into RPG programming. Life and Work issues are starting to go away leaving me some free time to get back to the keyboard.

Here is a quick rundown of what would be my TODO list in the near future

First of all I want to announce that Im really close to finish a new version of the AnimEditor that will bring 3 to 4 new very useful features. (color masking, object translation, scalar interpolation and bank editing)

The idea is to make a final release of this tool alongside with a helper DLL for loading the .xanm files into your XNA projects in a simple way.

the DLL will allow basic control of xanm animations (for now) if you ever find yourself in the need to use the dll you will see that it need badly an advanced content management system but dont worry, that comes second on my priority list.

But before working on the the advanced content management system (ACMS) I will ellaborate a very nice (HD if possible) video tutorial explaining how to work with the XNA AnimEditor. I’ll be doing this because according to the emails I receive every day, you guys dont get the idea behind the tool, dont worry all of those issues will be addressed on the upcoming video, the video will be dedicated to those just starting with xna or game programming in general.

Once I finish all of this I plan to dedicate all of my resources into the making of a new re-designed map editor (or should I say “game” editor)

This time I intend on just working on data creation (that is not just tiles but backgrounds , tile animations, events, actor placement, item placement etc) Working on the editor and the engine at the same time was a bad idea but that was a risk I wanted to take because I just wanted to get quick results at that time. Now I will concentrate on making an editor able to generate all the data I need before making an engine that processes such data.

I will try to gather all of your requests for the editor and make a balanced compromises between “what I need” and “what you guys need”. For example this time the editor will support custom tile sizes from the start among many other highly requested features as tile transitions and copy pasting tiles.

Expect many more updates from now on, Im sorry that I went almost dead in the last months.

As you can see I will be very busy in the upcoming months, wish me luck.

(sorry for any possible typo but Im dead tired now and I dont feel like running a spell check at this time πŸ™‚

Until next one!


before leaving I want to give you guys a sneak peek of the new interface of the animeditor’s preview panel:




  1. That is some great news! I am still learning C# and XNA, I am currently adding on a parallax map to Nick Gravelyn’s tileset editor, it will enable scrolling clouds, water… etc.

    But I am not nearly as good a programmer so it will take me awhile.

  2. Once I finish all of this I plan to dedicate all of my resources into the making of a new re-designed map editor (or should I say β€œgame” editor)

    Thank you! Thats what I need!

  3. Wow, this looks very promising πŸ˜€ Check out one of my latest blog posts, looks like we’re working on similiar projects πŸ˜€

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