Posted by: EvilNando | June 9, 2009

Item Editor

Hi all, just writing this to show some signs of life…

Before starting on the new RPG engine, Im gathering all the data that I require first (items, npc’s, maps, scripts, gfx & sounds) Its a different approach that will let me (hopefully) concentrate more on the engine once I get there.

Heres the almost finished version of the item editor Im working… only 2 things are missing: XML output and XANM import (so it can display a preview of the item graphic)

Personally I find this tool pretty awesome because it integrates my AnimEditor and its pretty useful.

Later on I will show how I store item graphics in xanm files, it is pretty cool because Im using the animeditor for things I didnt plan for 🙂




  1. Nando this is looking really nice.

    but is there a reason why you have quests in your item editor also or is that just for quest items?

    I’d figure you would probably want a separate quest editor as i think it would involve more scripting.

  2. The Quest section on the editor refers to “quest items” instead of actual quests

    Which (in this case) is nothing more than an item id with a script triggered OnEquip…

    Quest are probably going to be a bunch of global variables which all actors will refer to … at the moment I have not come with something more elaborate than than but well see

  3. Looking awesome as usual. 🙂

  4. Thats really great, I did something similar with c# forms, I needed to create a battle tester between to opponents to test the combat math and the items equipped. It was basically a form that you set up the 2 characters, their hitpoints, level, attack rating weapons and armor equipped and then hit the attack button, the other character automatically attacks back and parry and counter attacks can be toggled on or off. Made for a great tester to see if items were over/under powered and to check the combat matrix.

  5. plis a link to dowload this xD. i nedd this for a script on a game

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