Posted by: EvilNando | June 12, 2009

Item Editor finished




With the use of XLINQ I’ve managed to finish the XML functions in just a couple of lines, it was really worthwhile to go that route.

Let’s take a look how the editor works and which role plays in the upcoming RPG game.

The plan is to have a common entity in the game that stores a collection of item data, so every time an item is needed , the engine will request such item based on its ItemId.

The ItemManager basically stores in an XML file all of the created items ordered by Id, which later the engine will interpret and load the data to memory.

The part I like the most of the ItemManager is that it integrates the AnimEditor data separating the logical data from the graphical data. (At any time an item’s graphic could change without affecting its properties)

Now with the items out of the way it’s time to tackle the NPC(Actors) system and to do that I’m afraid that I need first to decide on the graphics I’m going to use to represent characters and monsters so probably as of today I’ll stop programming and start working on custom sprites….

Wish me luck because I have no experience in making sprites (although I have made some research about the subject) 🙂



  1. awesome! You got me enthused, perhaps I will start working on my item maker as well.

  2. Love your programs, your mapmaker is amazing. Made mine look like crap. 🙂
    Your work is very inspiring!

    But what control are you using for General Settings in this program?
    I have been looking for that type of control for a long long time.

    • Its a custom control than inherits functionality from PropertyGrid control

  3. When will you make the item editor avaliable for download cuz it looks like it can save me a bunch of time in my rpg. Also, it looks like you know what your doing.

  4. I realy want that too!!!!

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