Posted by: EvilNando | August 16, 2009

XnaFantasy is no more!

Yeah thats right Im working on new things right now.

but dont worry I’ve got you covered

my new dev-blog site is: there on the downloads section you will find the latest version of the tools that were released here!

this is the last update for this blog. over and out



  1. Your new site is down, too?
    I really liked your work, especialy your editor! It´s a pitty, that you stopped development…

  2. if anyone has troubles running this in windows 7 x64 then download the source and change the source platform from any cpu to x86 and recompile. at that point you should be good to go.

  3. I would like to see some games, even if unfinished, but when I click on the “Games” link on your web site nothing happens. Hopefully you’ll have a games page in there soon.

  4. Were working hard on our first game I will update as soon as we have something worthy of showing

  5. I know this blog is “dead”, but you seemed to have responded a few months ago, so I’ll give it a shot!

    I tried to e-mail you at the contact info on the new site, but it failed to send saying the info address doesn’t exist.

    I first saw your videos back in 2009 when you first posted them. I was facinated at the time, and have used them as examples for some of my own work. I just realized about half an hour ago that some comments mentioned the apps being available for download!

    The links here are broken and I can’t find any on the new site. Any chance the map editor and animation editor are still available?

  6. Your links are dead and the new website doesn’t have them either. Is there a chance we can get a link to them? is a good hosting site.


  7. I downloaded the source before it went down. I added some stuff to it and put it on a public git repository. Have at it.

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