Posted by: EvilNando | January 4, 2009

Xna AnimEditor v1.0 RELEASED!

anim editor release 1 0

I’ve just finished the XNA Animeditor

Before going into the details I just wanted to share some interesting numbers:

Creation Date: 10/11/2008 (something like 3 months of development)

  • Maintainability Index: 74 (green)
  • Cyclomatic Complexity: 1295
  • Depth of Inheritance: 7
  • Class Coupling: 230
  • Lines of Code: 4879 (main .exe) + 320 (helper dll)

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Posted by: EvilNando | January 2, 2009

Xna AnimEditor 90% complete

Quick update:

The animation editor is almost finished, all of the main features are done and it is bug-free (so it seems).

The only thing left to do is File IO, once this is finished the fun will begin.

This time (unlike the map editor) I will be releasing a helper dll and a custom importer so you can easily parse, load and play animations (for xna 3.0 only) this will make you play the animations a snap.

Im currently working on the xml layout for Anim files, as soon as I get it done I will be posting it over here.

Until next time!

Oh and Happy New Year !

Posted by: EvilNando | December 29, 2008

Xna AnimEditor beta preview

Heres a little video showing a few features of the AnimEditor

remember this is just a beta preview, enjoy!

Posted by: EvilNando | November 28, 2008

AnimEditor: LOTS OF WORK

AnimEditor prev03

Im really tired today but I wanted to show you guys how things are going

rather than doing all the explanations myself I will let the screenshot do the talking today.

There is a lot left to be done but each day Im closer to getting a proper release. I will be making a youtube video soon as a demonstration of whats to come.

Posted by: EvilNando | November 25, 2008

AnimEditor update

Just a quick update on the AnimEditor status.

Clipboard functionality (Cut, Copy & Paste) is done and it even works between different instances of the application, soon Ill be making a video showing why this is so important when making animations.

Also the Undo/Redo stacks are in place and they are way more elegant that the stacks I’ve implemented in the MapEditor, they are so efficient that I probably will be going back to the MapEditor and replicate this changes there. Doing this will probably make the application run even faster when dealing with large maps.

Talking about the MapEditor, I’ve noticed a small bug in the XML export routine which should be addressed by the weekend. I’ve also learned a new rendering technique which should make the paint functions WAY lot more faster than they currently are.

The AnimEditor is almost ready to launch there are a couple of features that need to be placed: The Preview Window and the XML file / save.

ETA for AnimEditor v1.0 release: 2 weeks

cya soon

Posted by: EvilNando | November 22, 2008


release 3 0

Hello guys Ive worked hard this morning to bring you a new version of the editor.

I’ve implemented a feature that was requested by a lot of people: Variable Tile Size

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Posted by: EvilNando | November 20, 2008

Shader programming: Brightness


I’ve been working on the AnimationEditor for quite a while.

Right now Im working on the rendering of the frames , Im trying to modify each frame according to the actual frame parameters and not just texture coordinates like I have been doing in the past.

I’ve managed to finish all of that work now, but the feature that took me by surprise was the implementation of the brightness parameter.

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Posted by: EvilNando | November 18, 2008

AnimEditor status update

Hi all, I’m still working hard on the animation editor.

Here is a screenshot showing what I have accomplished so far.


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Posted by: EvilNando | November 10, 2008

Back to the beginning

Today I managed to write down all the required functionality to manage the rendering of the program under hardware acceleration.

Performance issues are now a thing of the past, but I’ve have placed limits (just in case).

Current application limits are 999 objects and 999 frames , if you are running your game at 60fps that will leave you with 16.65 seconds per animation as maximum. I cant imagine anyone actually needing more than that for static animations but if you manage to blow out my hard limits just send me a message and Ill leave these parameters open for edit via cfg file.

Heres a screenshot for your viewing pleasure. Until next time


Posted by: EvilNando | November 6, 2008

Big Ass TV


Today arrived my new HDTV

Visual Studio looks nice , now I can type all those long instructions in one single line 🙂

it works perfectly with my laptop at a 1080p resolution , I will be setting my Xbox360. PS3 and Wii and then Ill perform some “testing” to see how it goes

Expect anything but work in the upcoming days 🙂

Posted by: EvilNando | November 4, 2008

Xna AnimEditor – Now with XNA rendering

I just finished the basic rendering code for displaying the animation grid using hardware acceleration.

AnimEditor prev02

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Posted by: EvilNando | November 2, 2008

More AnimEditor news

This week Ive been working hard so I get this application released as soon as possible.

AnimEditor prev01

Sadly this editor has a few issues that I did not expect.

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Posted by: EvilNando | October 28, 2008

XNA AnimEditor early preview

Here is a screenshot of the new editor I’m currently working.

I’m not pleased with the way it is looking right now, but UI changes will have to wait because I want to get the basic functionality layed out first

This editor will be an incredible help for anyone involved in making a 2D game.

Just wait and see

XnaAnimEditor prev00

Posted by: EvilNando | October 16, 2008

Status Update

Hello fellow readers, today my new set of DDR2 has arrived putting an end to the memory disaster I had the last week. One thing I missed to comment is that not all the ram failed.

It seems that a single 1gb module survived, this was enough to reinstall the OS and the development tools.

Having that limited amount of RAM was very helpful production-wise because I was not able to launch games without any sort of hiccups so instead of spending my time playing games, I actually did some work.

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Posted by: EvilNando | October 6, 2008

Main server MELTDOWN!

This weekend I decided to upgrade my video card on my main computer, not in my wildest dreams I would imagined that doing this could fry all of my RAM modules

The good thing is that I was ALREADY EXPECTING something like this to happen…

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